About me

Hi! I'm Sam, the owner & creator of Botany Barn Canada. Welcome to my shop!
Inspired by a love of nature & food, I create eco-friendly products that are both gentle on your skin & on the planet.

After completing grad school in 2016 and unsure what to do next, I began working in urban agriculture & selling my handmade soaps on the side. What started as a very small side business grew organically over the next 5 years into a full time job!

My love of growing has heavily influenced my soapmaking, as the business evolved alongside my farming career. Each bar of soap contains a little piece of nature - veggies, flowers, clays, teas, plant milks, essential oils, and more! Soapmaking is so addictive to me because it is both a science & an art. I love the challenge of creating the most skin-loving, earth friendly soaps that are also a work of art!

I take pride in crafting my products with ingredients from businesses like Baraka Shea Butter, directly supporting the women & families in Northern Ghana who make pure, high quality shea butter by hand. I also choose not to use palm oil or synthetic fragrance oils in my products.

I source organic oils whenever possible to ensure you are receiving products that are free of chemical pesticides and are produced through sustainable practices. I do my best to minimize waste, such as the use of recycled materials, minimal packaging, and rebatched soap. If you receive an order packed with "air cushions" or biodegradable packaging peanuts - these are being reused from my supply orders to safely ship products to you :)

All Botany Barn Canada products are handcrafted by me in Kincardine, Ontario where I live with my husband & my plants. Thank you so much for visiting my shop!